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  • me: I'm so full omg I'm not gonna eat for days
  • me: are those brownies

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“Hi how do you get rid of cellulite? :) xx”

“For people asking to find Vegan food, if you can find an Adventist Book Center (ABC, or "Nourish" if you're in Goodlettsville, TN), they sell pretty much anything and everything Vegan and gluten free. Adventists are the healthiest Christian religion apparently, and they sell some pretty boss stuff.”

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“HI i think your blog is amazing! i was wondering if you could tell your followers about my healthy weightloss blog? it would mean the world to me <3”

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“Hi there! i recently came across your post about the GM diet and was very interested in it! i've been doing some research online about it and it seems like a good diet plan! The only problem i have is the bananas. i absolutely hate them! is there any kind of substitute i could use? maybe peaches? thank you very much! :)”

You can use any of these to substitute for Bananas – the idea is to get a lot of potassium – Apricots, Figs, Nectarines, Dates.  

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“Hello if you allergic to Tomatoes can you sub out anything for them?”

Make a sauce by boiling red lentils in a small amount of water.
They will basically dissolve into a puree. You can then season them, and add water or whatever you need to make the right consistency for your needs.


Use roasted red peppers from a jar. Put them in the blender, puree and then put in a pot. Add garlic and fresh herbs

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“AMAZING blog! It's just incredible! ♥”

Thank you  ♥

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“YES PLEASE! Hogwarts, here we come!”

Hogwartsss :)))))))  

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“i love you. Thank you”

love you too :)

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“Hi boo boo! I love your blog and it's so great to see you push yourself (:”

Thanks :)

Always maintain the self discipline to push yourself to do the things that you may dislike or fear doing.

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