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“I eat healthy almost every meal/snack, work out a few times a week, and aren't losing weight :( what's wrong”

What does your body look like? Muscle weighs more than fat. If your body is improving but you aren’t losing weight, it could be that you’ve burned away fat but gained muscle.

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“Hi! I'm so sorry for bothering you but I just need an advice or suggestion. Can you suggest some tips or ways to lose more weight and stop gaining weight? I'm not that fat, it is just that I want to look even more sexier. So, could you pls help me? I'm starting to lose hope :'( Thanks in advance :D”

I hope this can help :)

“ive recently gained weight and i am so depressed about it. I'm even thinking i want to make myself throw up. I have been working out and nothing is changing. I'm about 5'7" and before, i was usually around 135 pounds but lately i'm 145. I want to cry. I know this isnt a question but i had to tell someone.”

No matter what you think, I think you look good!! Every girl should feel beautiful and ignore the scale, because that is not what defines you as a person!

“First I'm sorry because my question will be too long, 6 months ago I was 112 Kgs, 188cm, now im 83 Kgs with much reduced belly fat. The problem is LOWER belly fat, and for now i got skinny arms, chest so i wanna eat well to rebuild them with muscles, and I wanna keep eating healthy to remove my lower belly fat :/ what should i do?”

I think I wrote about similar problem, I think this can help you :)

About food part:

About exercise part:

“Soy husband and I are on day 4 but are questioning day 5. Instead of beef may we eat chicken?”

I think you can, but you can try to eat vegetarian for that day :)

You can try vegetarian GM diet;

Day 1. Only fruits. Just like in the regular GM diet, only fruits are allowed to be consumed on the first day. All fruits can be consumed in generous quantities except for bananas, as they are high in carbohydrates and potassium. Water intake should also be observed at 10-12 glasses during the whole day.

Day 2. The second day involves potato and vegetables. A cup of baked potato would serve as the body’s main energy source for the day, and then it can be followed up with vegetable dishes during lunch and dinner. Vegetable soup is highly powerful during this day, as it provides all the energy the body would need.

Day 3. Fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables may be served the whole day, from breakfast to dinner, including midday snacks. Fruit juice can also be taken aside from water, although no bananas or potatoes are allowed.

Day 4. Bananas and milk. Banana and milk combos may be consumed all day, with vegetable soup servings during lunch and dinner. Banana and milk may be taken in the form of shakes, during breakfast and midday snacks.

Day 5. Brown rice and tomatoes. Instead of beef, brown rice is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing.

Day 6. Brown rice and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one cup of rice.

Day 7. Up to two cups of brown rice may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings.

“what does your grocery list consist of? like empty house just moving in what are the essentials (literally using this so the more the better)”

You can see my grocery list on my page;

but my essentials are:

Raw oats

Brown rice

Red lentil


Spelt flour

Olive oil

Flax seeds

Ceylon cinnamon



Organic popcorns

Tea (white, green, ceylon, herbal and strawberry & mango)

Chicory coffee

Sea salt

Berries (all - fresh or frozen in winter)

Veggies ( anything you like, at the moment I love spinach, pumpkin, ginger, garlic, eggplant, green peas, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, okra, bell peppers, salad rocket, tomato, swiss chard, black beans)

Fruit ( same as veggies anything you like, at the moment I love grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, berries, bananas, apples, mandarin orange, pomegranate)

Spices & herbs

Vega One and finally water

“7 day cleanse diet”

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In the beginning you succeed
But the way you move
It terrifies me
And you remind me of the things
That I don’t need

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