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“I can not thank you enough for your Vegan section! I'm not completely cutting out every animal protein for the rest of my life, but i'm striving towards a way more plant-based diet. The recipes are so helpful, thank you :)”

You’re welcome :)

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“Ignore that anon, she's just jealous because she doesn't have the drive that the rest of us do. I've lost 25 pounds and 30 inches and I'm not stopping (ever) It is so possible, you just need to push yourself and do it :) After a few months eating right and working out become part of your life rather than a chore..”

Yay great for you! Agree if you eat right and push yourself to exercise it will become part of you, that you will love and embrace. :)

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Fig & Pecan Bars (raw, vegan) by Love Raw on Flickr.
“what do you think about coffee?”

I love black coffee and I drink it 3 times a week.

Studies have shown that drinking black coffee increases your metabolism, and so it’s possible that coffee may actually help you lose weight (although these studies have yet to be proven, of course).

But try not to put cream, sugar or sweet syrups in it. They quickly add a lot of calories. Just drink it black and/or sweetened with Splenda or Equal and you’ll be fine.

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“Hey, your blog has been there for me since i started my journey a few weeks ago. You motivated me. The first wourkouts i did came all from your page. You showed me that this lifestyl is full of joy, and not pain. So i want to share my succsess with you, i took my first befor-after picture ( look at my tumblr (: ), and im very happy. Im taking babysteps, but ill go on! Thanks for everything! xoxo”

Thank you! You look great! <3

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“your blog = one of the best is have ever seen!!! it's so helpful and motivational! thank you xoxo”

thanks :))

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  1. High Knees
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Squat Jump Turns
  4. Skipping
  5. Bicycle Crunches
  6. Alternating leg-and-arm extensions
  7. Plank Row (part of one)
  8. Squat & Press
  9. Alternating Jumping Lunges

Oh the Nike girls. Sigh. So inspirational!

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“Has that person never watched the biggest loser, i used to be fat, extreme makeover weightloss edition? I mean all of those people are beyond morbidly obese and they lose so much weight. There are hundreds of weightloss/fitness tumblrs of people losing 100's of lbs. Anyone can do it if they WANT to and WANT to put the effort and time into it. People are ignorant. Your blog is absolutely fabulous by the way.<3”

Agree with you :) If my followers know any tumblrs of people that lost 100 lbs or more feel free to msg me ,I love to read and I know my followers love success stories too. :) Thank you!

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“I am trying not to drink coffee, but I still need that kick of caffeine in the morning. Any suggestions of alternatives. Btw, your calendar is awesome!”

Thanks :) Do you drink green tea ? That would be great alternative. 

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“your blog has helped me so much! thank you!!:)”

You’re welcome. :) <3

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