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“Thanks for not following what the media says blindly. I feel so much sympathy and sadness for the Boston victims and everyone affected but that doesn't mean I will blindly follow, either way I don't like when people act really hateful because then you are stooping and bringing out a dark side. I hope this goes through the justice system fairly and that's that.”

agree with you, I really hope it goes fairly :/

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“im blood type o, but i live a kind of vegetarian lifestyle. do you think that's bad? thanks! xx”

If you eat healthy your body will be thankful for that :) I don’t follow blood type diet, but because of my allergies i don’t eat food that my blood type  ‘is not allowed’ and I feel better :)

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“Hey! You should know that over a year ago your blog introduced me to the fitblr community. I've since been running a successful blog myself and can credit you for the inspiration! Happy Saturday!”

Thank you :)

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“I'm just looking into clean eating. I do cardio (basketball) about 90 minutes a day. Any suggestions? Books to read, meal plans?”

Tosca Reno - The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged  :)

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“what do you think of blood types diet? because i'm a vegetarian because i'm a blood type A and it totally works!”

Love them, I’m type B and agree with you it totally works :)

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“please stop posting conspiracy theories about the marathon. this hurts those who suffered through it.”

First; I reblogged them. It is sad when someone dies prematurely, especially in childhood. And two beautiful girls lost their lives.  :((

Second; Don’t get me wrong but “everyone’s innocent until proven guilty,” and yes that’s my opinion, I’m not saying he is innocent or guilty but If you search for real evidence you wont find it …. people are just agreeing on everything the media gives us.

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Please just watch this! PLEASE.

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Happy people don’t kill their husbands.


Happy people don’t kill their husbands.

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Healthy snack ideas!

Some of these look super good!

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