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Whole Grains

Whole grains are exactly as their name suggests; grains that are “whole,” in that they contain all parts of the grain. They are unprocessed, so the outer shell, also called the bran, remains intact, along with the germ and the endosperm, which is the main part of the grain. Refined grains are stripped of the germ and bran, making them less nutritious.

The simplest comparison to demonstrate the difference between whole and refined grains is between white and whole wheat breads. White bread is heavily processed, giving it a uniform texture without much flavor. On the other hand, whole wheat bread is denser and has more color and texture. The taste is more complex and satisfying, and even slightly nutty in flavor.

List of Common Whole Grain Foods

The list of common whole grain foods includes items easy-to-find at the supermarket, and can be added to your diet in place of, or in addition to, foods you already enjoy. The grains themselves are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet, but be sure to check labels for packaged items to see what other ingredients are added.

Whole Grain Breads

Whole grain bread products are widely available and come in different varieties. When choosing whole grain bread, opt for 100% whole wheat or whole grain to get the maximum boost. Some breads offer a smaller percentage of whole wheat, which means refined white flour has been substituted for part of the whole grains.

Common whole grain bread products include:

    * Sliced bread
    * Bagels
    * Tortillas
    * English muffins
    * Pita bread
    * Dinner rolls or other buns

Other Common Whole Grain Foods

Most starchy foods we eat are available as whole grain options. Here are some of the most common, many of which can be swapped out for the refined products you may be consuming now.

    * Whole wheat or brown rice pasta
    * Brown or wild rice
    * Whole oats
    * Whole wheat or whole grain cereals
    * Whole wheat flour or rye flour
    * Popcorn
    * Whole wheat or whole grain crackers
    * Bulgur (cracked wheat)
    * Buckwheat
    * Millet
    * Barley
    * Wheatberries
    * Quinoa

Benefits of Whole Grains

The health benefits of eating whole grains rather than refined products are numerous. Unrefined, whole grains are great sources of nutrients, including:

    * Natural, soluble fiber
    * Vitamin E
    * Vitamin B-6
    * Zinc
    * Potassium
    * Folate
    * Protein
    * Iron
    * Thiamin
    * Riboflavin

Other benefits to eating whole grains include the full feeling you get when you swap whole grains for refined grains in your meals. This feeling of fullness lasts much longer than with refined products, which can help with weight loss.  

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