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Burn Fat With Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is non-contact kickboxing which combines boxing, martial arts, and aerobics while giving a total body workout.   It is a high intensity, high impact form of exercise that provides amazing health benefits to the body.

For instance,

  • It will burn anywhere from 350 to 500 calories per hour (or more).
  • It burns lots of fat and creates lots of muscle.
  • It reduces and relieves stress.
  • It will make you feel more empowered and confident.
  • It will teach you simple self-defense moves.
  • And if you keep your heart rate elevated by including a lot of jumping, bobbing, and weaving amongst your punches and kicks, your cardiovascular system will benefit too.

Cardio-kickboxing provides a full-body workout.  If you do the jabs, punches, and kicks with power, you’ll strengthen your upper body and will start to see nice muscle definition.  The kicks will strengthen your hamstrings and give you a nice shape in the legs.  And the knee strikes will help firm your abdominal muscles.

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