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My blog and I we’ll be together till death do us part.

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New blog look :) Do you like it ?

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I’m really busy studying for exams. Sorry for not posting a lot recently…. I will make queue today for next 5 days :)

Anything you want me to post ?

Recipes, exercise, tips, motivation ?? You can answer this and let me know :)

Ask me anything you want to know :)

i will answer all questions tomorrow :)

Thank you for over 30000 followers!!! You mean the world to me!

Love you all!

p.s. New recipes on my facebook page :

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I will answer more in the next few days!! <3

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THANK YOU on almost 600 likes on facebook!!
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I’m sorry for lack of posts, my mom’s sister is very sick. I’ll be back as soon as possible!! I miss you all! Cami <3

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Hmm I would love to post things you want to know more about ( exercise, recipes, tips )?

Write me and I will post them tonight or tomorrow morning :) Anything you want :)

I can’t access my messages when I do I will answer them.

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Question #1: I want to make new blog with recipes I make ?

But I would love to know what do you think about that, I would post 3 times a week ( 1 day would be desserts, 2 day main meals and 3 day something healthy that whole family can enjoy )

Would you follow it or I should make it on blogspot ?

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New Things On The Blog ?

Hi guys! I’m feeling better after taking a few days off! :)

I have new plans for my blog, and would love to know what do you think about them ( you can add  something I will consider new ideas ) ?

- I made amazing VEGAN  BROWNIE RECIPE I loved it. I will share my photos and recipe first thing tomorrow.

- I was thinking  about doing BAR reviews  ( like LUNA, LARABAR, Pure Organic Food Bar , ZING BAR, MOJO ; etc) what do you think ?

- Maybe to make challenge like HEALTHY WEDNESDAY, where we all would post lunch we made that day ( with recipe and photos ).

- And now, last but not least, every week I will post something that motivates me and hopefully it will also motivate you or we can make 356 days challenge with maybe lyric journal, quotes from books ?

Please let me know what you think ,  i will start posting tomorrow as I have only 14 hours before my exam and i still need to study.

Love you all, C <3

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New e-mail

Just update my Contact page with new e-mail.

If you have a question please feel free to ask and I’m sorry that my old e-mail is not working anymore and that I was unable to answer old questions.

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