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amanda russell <3
10-20 reps of each exercise, repeat 2-3 times

orrr do 15-30 secs of each exercise, repeat 2-3 times  :-)

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dont just read this


dont just read this

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Okay! So I know #Friday has been over for 14 minutes now but I am still going to show you these!
This Friday I thought I would compile my workout routine (that I will commit myself to for the next 30 days) into these four posters; by showing you my plan for the next four weeks, I am hereby promising to stick to it and, thusly, am held accountable by you guys to actually maintain my word. I won’t let you guys down and I won’t let myself down.

This is how I have planned them out:
Abs - Mondays & Fridays 
Arms - Tuesdays & Saturdays
Back - Wednesdays
Legs - Sundays & Thursdays 

Next Friday you guys should submit things to show how far you’ve come, what your plans are for your fitness and/or future—or just share some things that you’re proud of! Every Friday is an event that I will participate in and I hope you guys will join me!


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