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Mid-season finale tonight yay ♥

‘A’ is revealed??

Some people have been changing the source and posting it themselves but I am the creator of this video and this is the original post. 

YOU know this is FAKE ?? It’s mix of movie ( I think Fear Island ) Lucy did and PLL.

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pll fake
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The Strange Familiar | Unwanted

If I throw away all the garbage in my life
Happiness will come to me
If I throw away every problem
Every pain will be undone
It would be so easy to clean the slate
You could be so easily erased

I think I’ll just get in the car and drive
100,000 miles
Leave everything behind

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Who do you think is the BetrAyer ?

Maybe Lucas or Ashley :/ ?

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* Gossip is more popular than literature. 

* Gossip is more popular than literature. 

I wanna hear who you all think A is (Tv show not books) ?

I’m a Pretty Little Liars fan,I know in the books that the first A is Mona and the second A is Allison’s twin Courtney. But the tv show is different. So based on last night’s episode which was amazing, who do you think A is?

My guess is  Melissa, Spencer’s mother, Jenna or Ezra.

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